What sets this Thai restaurant apart is its stylish interior crafted by co-owner Todd Sirimongkolvit, an architecture student at UC Berkeley. The wall between the restaurant and the building next door has been opened up with floor-to-ceiling glass bricks, and the large expanses have been broken up with yellow columns. The concrete-topped bar is backed with a midnight-blue wall; the same color is picked up on the glass shades of arched chrome wall sconces on the opposite wall. White tablecloths covered with white paper, bistro-style chairs, a dark wood floor and huge flower arrangements at the door complete the modern look.

Michael Bauer , food critic of San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, February 26, 1995 Page 36

e've been working up to a real roll here! All of us at Basil: Num (Todd), Boom, Joob, Jib, Dannie, Yao, Ace, Pak, Cherleen, Kasorn, Savannah, Tee, Sea, Ang, Yai, Gogh, Pop1, Pop2, Noo, Phorn, Noi, Charn, Korn, Odd, Jose, Quan,.. would like to thank-you for helping us come this far with our goals. We hope you've enjoyed the food. We've been working hard to bring the best of the Thai spirit to the Bay Area and if you haven't noticed yet that includes loads of fun and damn good food. (those of you who have experience this first hand, only know so well)

e've been focusing our mind on Thai-centricity and felt that someone ought to bring it over to San Francisco through the spices, nectar, and sounds, to offer you a taste of what the other side of Thai is about, giving you a glimspe of the young Thai spirit, which has been forever fueled by a steady undercurrent of pride in spirit and identity, and a sense of the immense amount of energy penting up, under (south), over (east), there in Bangkok.

e're forward , We're very Thai, and We're HERE! We hope you join us in our mission to give all those who are curious, a sense of the Bangkok atmosphere. Thanks for all your support

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