SUN-THUR 5:00pm-10:00pm FRI-SAT 5:00pm-10:30pm

goong gra bog 8.0 crispy rice paper wrapped tiger prawns served with sweet dipping sauce
tod man 7 Thai spiced fishcakes + yard long beans served with cucumber relish
paupia 6.5 crispy spring rolls stuffed with vermicelli and cabbage
porpia sod 7.5 fresh rolls of vegetables & tofu served with crushed peanuts, chili, lime vinaigrette
kao pode tod 7 spiced yellow corn & bean cake fritter served with tamarind vinaigrette cucumber salad
basil's panstickers 7 shrimp & minced pork dumpling served with Thai style ginger soy sauce 
keow wan roti 7 grilled Indian bread with green curry and oriental eggplant
curry puffs 7.5 crispy pastries filled with curried diced duck & sweet potatoes
plamuk tod 8 Thai fried calamari served with sweet & spicy chili sauce
SKEWERS (two skewers per order)
gai satay 5 chicken - served with peanut sauce
gkae satay 6 lamb - served with peanut sauce
goong satay 6 prawn - served with peanut sauce
plamuk yang 6 calamari - served with sweet & sour sauce
hoi yang 6 scallop - served with spicy sauce
makuer yang 4.5 eggplant - served with peanut sauce
hed ping 4.5 portabella - served with peanut sauce
tom ka gai 8 / 5 chicken, oyster mushroom in kalanga coconut milk soup   
tom yum gai 8 / 5 sliced chicken breast, mushroom and tomatoes in spiced mint-lemongrass soup
tom yum goong 9 / 5 prawns in spicy & sour lemongrass, lime leaf broth *
som tum 8 green papaya salad tossed with ground peanuts, lime, garlic, and tomatoes   
yum Shiang Hai 8 clear noodles rolls, peanut and greens tossed in lemongrass dressing    
yum makuer 8 grilled Asian eggplant, minced prawns, chicken served with lime, coconut cream dressing
larb gai 8 minced chicken tossed in lime, chili and parched rice * 
yum plamuk 8.5 leafy green top with calamari and spicy lime dressing * 
nuer namtok 9 grilled sliced stake tossed with parched rice + fresh herbs in lime lemongrass dressing *
salad  talay 10 grilled tiger prawns with salad of curly endive and lemongrass cream dressing
Basil's salad 8 salad of tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber, and romaine with house curried-peanut dressing
moo yang 13 flame grilled pork filets with grilled pineapple and tomato served with sweet chili sauce 
basil's lamb 15 grilled marinated lamb served with corn and ginger-soy sauce    
param rungsong 14 grilled marinated skirt steak topped with peanut sauce    
plapow A.Q. today's fresh fish filet infused with lemongrass and served with lime-garlic sauce     
nuer yang 16 grilled Angus sirloin served with smoked mushroom, tomato, & aromatic herbs relish   
choo chee talay 16 grilled white prawns and scallops in dry curry of lychee nuts and kaffir lime zest *
basil's eggplant 9.5 oriental eggplant, tofu, shitake mushrooms, and scallions sautéed with basil-chili puree 
pad pak raum 9.5 wok-seared baby bok choy, Napa cabbage, shitake mushrooms & baby corn
crunchy bean cakes 9.5 light fried bean cakes + cashew nuts sautéed with onion & mushrooms
monk's delight 9.5 stir-fried tofu with green beans, water chestnuts, oyster mushroom, and spring onion
ka na moo krob 10 oriental broccoli and house-cured crispy pork belly wok-fried with garlic and chili
gai kra-prow 10 minced chicken wok-fried with fresh Asian eggplant chili, Thai basil, & fresh chili *
gai ma-muang 10 julienned chicken wok fried with cashew nuts and scallions 
gai prik khing 10 crispy sliced chicken & string beans wok tossed with sweet kaffir prik khing chili
curry peppercorn duck 12 roasted duck & stringl-ess snap peas wok-tossed with curry paste & peppercorn *
nuer ta cai 12 Angus sirloin cubes stir-fried with lemongrass. bell peppers, & roasted chili paste
fire calamari  12 calamari wok-fried with bamboo shoot, scallions in lemongrass-chili puree * 
goong tod kratiom 16 salt and pepper fried jumbo white prawns served with assorted mushrooms
tamarind prawns 12 light battered prawns wok tossed in spicy tamarind with crisp shallots and garlic
pad talay 13 shrimp, calamari, and mussels stir-fried with chili, onions, zucchini and basil * 
hoi ka-ta 13 scallops with tempura long beans wok-fried in Thai black bean, chili and wine * 
pla dook pad pik 13 crispy catfish filet sautéed in kaffir red curry paste and fresh peppercorn * 
pak rad kang 10 grilled Asian eggplant, zuchini, mushrooms and tomatoes, & bell pepper in green curry *
stuffed eggplant 11 grill eggplant stuffed with minced chicken and vegetables glazed with green curry *
kang ped 12 roasted duck, cherry tomatoes, & pineapples simmered in red curry *
kang kua gai 10 tangy red curry of julienned chicken breast and pumpkin
kang kari gai 13 mild yellow curry with 1/4 chicken and potatoes served with cucumber salad
keow wan nuer 12 Angus stake cubes, snake beans, and apple eggplant in green curry *
panang short ribs 14 short ribs simmered in a basil kaffir panang sauce served with diced vegetables
Basil's lamb curry 15 grilled lamb fillets, steam green beans & carrots in red curry-kaffir sauce
kang talay 13 tiger prawns, scallops, & mussels bamboo shoot, and okra in green curry *
pla rad kang 14 charbroiled Atlantic salmon and wintermelon served over red curry-basil sauce *
kang som pla 15 spicy and sour orange curry of fried sea bass, pumpkin, snake beans, and vegetable
pad Thai 10 rice stick noodles stir-fried with bean cakes, chives, bean sprouts and prawns 
kanom pak-gard 8.5 steamed turnip cakes sautéed with bean sprouts + chives served with sriracha sauce
pad seew 9.5 fresh wide rice noodles stir-fried with pork, egg & Chinese broccoli
pad ke mao 9.5 spicy wide rice noodles & sliced beef stir-fried with basil, garlic, & Thai chili *
Thai sukiyaki 11.5 stir-fried mung bean vermicelli with squid, prawns Napa cabbage, and spring onions
seafood bamee 11.5 holy basil and garlic egg noodle stir-fried with prawns, mussels, squid, and dry roasted chili *
kao pad supparot 10 Thai pineapple fried rice with raisin and prawns


cool cucumber salad [2.-]
peanut sauce [1.75]

makuer keow wan [4.-] eggplant with green curry
kai-jieow [3.5] Thai-style omelette  
[Lunch] [Wine & Dessert]

Thai fried rice [7.95]
jasmine rice [1.5] 
sticky rice [1.5] 

brown rice [2.-]


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 * Starred items are prepared spicy unless otherwise instructed

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